Inspirational interview with Utsav Tuur Van Hove, a body oriented therapist and owner of Inner Buddha

erfgoedcel team: Tuur Van Hove

Utsav Tuur Van Hove is a body oriented therapist. He has his own practice called Inner Buddha where he gives individual sessions and group workshops. His practice is based on Primal Rebirth Therapy (inner child work), Family Constellations and Trauma Healing.

We were very interested in this concept and we wanted to know more about this, so we were very happy he wanted to do an interview about his work and ideas with us!

Hi Tuur, first of all, when did you start with meditation and spirituality?

My whole life I’ve been interested in meditation and spirituality but 11 years ago (2005) I started the Primal Rebirth Therapy training at the Aumm Institute in the Netherlands where meditation and spirituality is a fundamental part of the training. Since then I’ve been practicing it regularly.

What are the benefits of meditating and have you experienced them?

Meditation has a lot of benefits: it keeps you stress-free, helps you appreciate life more, helps you feel more connected, makes you and those around you happier, increases your attention span, increases immunity, improves metabolism, helps you have a good night sleep, improves functioning of your brain,… When I meditate first thing in the morning, I start the day feeling relaxed and focused. It helps me to stay close to myself, happy and connected to friends and family. I really love meditating and it only takes 15-20 minutes a day!

I’ve read that your passion is to support people in their personal growth and going back to their essence. What is the essence for you?

That’s a very good question. For me, my essence is being close to myself with everything that is present in me at a certain moment. All my feelings, emotions and thoughts in that moment. In total acceptance of myself and who I am. With all my self love and love for others. That is my inner core, my essence. But the essence is something very personal and can be totally different for people. The search for that essence together with my clients is what I love to do most.

How can you support people effectively?

By listening to them in a non-judgemental way; by providing a safe and loving atmosphere where everything is OK; by bringing people closer to themselves, their bodies, sensations and emotions with Body Oriented Therapy. From the head (mind) to the heart (emotions) and the belly (intuition).

What are some life lessons you’ve learnt in your spiritual journey?

Everything can be healed by Love. Self love is the beginning of everything. Life isn’t lived in the outside world, it starts with and within the inside world. When you explore and get to know your inner being, your true essence, your inner diamond, you can live your life to the fullest potential of your being.

What would you like to teach other people?

To love and be loved. To live their life to the fullest. To accept themselves and others how they are with everything there is. A person has many facets, like a diamond. Some are polished and known, some are raw and unknown. But you can only truly live the bright, light side of your life if you also know your dark side. No daylight without nighttime…

What do you think the world needs more right now?

Love, lots of love! And compassion, understanding and respect for one another. Everyone is unique and has the capacity to love. No matter what, love will conquer hate and terror.

What’s true happiness to you?

Being yourself and following your own path no matter what others think of it. Being true to yourself and your essence. Being a loving person for yourself and everyone around you. Caring for yourself, your loved ones and mother nature.

If you want to know more about Utsav Tuur Van Hove and Inner Buddha, we highly recommend you to take a look at his website
You can also contact him at or +32 486 23 55 53.


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